Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Plans 2016

Sorry for the sporadic posting here. With all the social media jockying, sometimes informational posts fall by the wayside. We've got some interesting stuff coming up in the next couple of months. Interesting, even for people who live outside of Sacramento (where we play 95% of our shows). In August, we will be heading to the studio to record our newest album. Those who have seen us live in the last couple years have heard these songs take shape in our live set. We'll be recording at Earth Tone Studios, which has become something of a staple of the Sacramento heavy music scene. Many of the best bands around the city have recorded there - CHRCH, Peace Killers, Astral Cult, Crimson Eye, King Woman (well, they're from SF) - and if you've heard any of those records, you know what to expect. With any luck, you'll hear the new music later this year. We still haven't locked down a label to release tapes or vinyl yet. Any interested parties can be sent our way.

On the live show front, the only thing we are doing this summer is The Sacramento Lady Fest, an "annual, non-profit events organized mainly by womyn; featuring bands (musical and political groups) lecturers, spoken word...etc."
 The  festival is happening on July 15 and 16 at Cafe Colonial in Sacramento. We're playing the second day. Profits go to Wind Youth Services, an organization benefiting homeless youth. You can get tickets here.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Shows in Chico, Sacramento, working on new material.

Waning has been taking a few months off from playing live to work on new material. We have 5 new songs written for a new full length. We're currently putting the finishing touches on a song that takes elements from a very, very old song (like from when the band was just a duo) and presents them in a new way. We're pretty happy with the whole endeavor. As you may know, we're not shy about playing songs that we haven't recorded yet, and some of these have been in our set rotation starting pretty much right after we finished The Funeral Mountains. We plan to record over the summer and would love to have the record out by the end of the year.

We also have a pair of shows coming up in Northern California in March. If you come out, you'll probably hear us debut one or two songs. Here's the show details below:

MARCH 11 - 8PM

Starlite Lounge - 1517 21st St Sacramento, CA - 21+ $7

pysch/metal from Sacramento -

black metal (ex-Ludicra) -

negative sludge from Chico -


stoner/doom from Sacramento -

MARCH 12 - 8PM

1078 Gallery - 805 Broadway Chico, CA - All ages, $7

TVSK- Oakland Stoner metal -

(WANING) - Sacramento pysch/metal -

REDSKY - Chico Sludge -